Kaye Bryan

Industrialist And Former Chairman

Thynkwyse Technologies

An industrialist is a person engaged in the ownership or management of an industry, typically involved in the manufacturing or production of goods and services. Industrialists play a crucial role in economic development by investing in and overseeing industrial operations. They may be entrepreneurs who establish and manage their own businesses or executives who lead large industrial corporations.


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Engineering Services

Engineering ServiceEngineering services encompass a wide range of professional services provided by engineers and engineering firms. These services can cover various disciplines within the field of engineering.s

Energy Services

Energy services encompass a broad range of activities and offerings related to the production, distribution, and consumption of energy.

Training And Consulting

Training and consulting services refer to professional offerings that aim to enhance skills, knowledge, and performance within a specific domain.




This includes various types of machines used in manufacturing and processing, such as industrial robots, CNC machines, and assembly line equipment.

Safety Products


Items like safety gloves, helmets, goggles, and other protective gear used to ensure the well-being of workers in industrial environments.

Automation and Control Systems


Technologies and systems designed to automate industrial processes, including programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and industrial control systems.


Kaitlin Donaldson

We're probably close to 30 years of doing business with CITY Laundering. We do a lot of products with them. Our main area is our uniforms that we provide for our employees, and we also get all of our bathroom supplies, towels, and rags.

Kirby Mcintosh

While making medical devices, we need clean uniforms every day for our individuals out on the line. Depending on the job function, you wear a different colored uniform. We have multiple colors and that is something CITY supports.

Cole Rich

Looking back now, it feels like we have had CITY forever. I have been with the company 30 years and we have had CITY ever since I started with Zip's.


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