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A toy shop is a retail establishment that specializes in selling toys, games, puzzles, and other entertainment products for children of various ages. These shops typically offer a wide range of toys, including action figures, dolls, board games, building sets, electronic toys, educational toys, outdoor play equipment, and more.



128 City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX

Our Services

Gift Wrapping

Many toy shops provide gift wrapping services, especially during holidays or special occasions. This can save customers time and effort.

Product Sales

The primary service of a toy shop is selling toys. They offer a wide variety of toys catering to different age groups, interests, and budgets.

Toy Rental Services

Some toy shops offer toy rental services, allowing customers to rent toys for a period rather than purchasing them outright. This can be beneficial for parties, events, or trying out expensive toys before buying.

Birthday Party Packages

Many toy shops offer birthday party packages, where they provide a venue, entertainment, and sometimes even catering services. This can be a convenient option for parents looking to host a memorable party for their child.

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Action Figures and Dolls


These can range from popular characters from movies, TV shows, and comics to traditional dolls for imaginative play.

Building Sets and Construction Toys


LEGO sets, building blocks, and other construction kits that promote creativity and fine motor skills.

Outdoor Toys


Bikes, scooters, sports equipment, and other toys designed for outdoor play and physical activity.

Electronic Toys


Interactive toys, robotic kits, and electronic gadgets that engage children with technology.


What truly sets them apart is their ability to listen and collaborate. They valued my input and preferences, ensuring that the final look aligned perfectly with my vision.

Natosha Jacobs

I absolutely love shopping at this toy shop! They have the best selection of toys for all ages. My kids are always excited to see what new items they have in stock. The staff is friendly and helpful too!

Mufutau Wilkins

As a parent, safety is my top priority when it comes to buying toys for my kids. It gives me peace of mind knowing that I can shop here with confidence.

Malachi Bender

This toy shop is a treasure trove for imaginative play! They have everything from classic toys to the latest gadgets, and my kids never want to leave whenever we visit. It's a magical place where creativity knows no bounds!

Rhonda Jones

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Single Player Games

Floor puzzles get the child's whole body involved so you'll often see them up on all fours, squatting, kneeling, crawling around and reaching over.This is great for gross motor development, balance and sensory input. You often get kids 'crossing the midline' too which is where they use their right hand to reach to the left side of their body and vice versa. This is a hugely important gross motor skill for later in life and also assists with pre-writing and handwriting development. Floor puzzles are also a great group activity and allow kids to either do parallel play (playing side by side without much interaction) or cooperation to finish the puzzle.  During this shared time it also helps them with vocabulary and social skills.The other thing that we love is that it works to a child's developmental stage. Not all little (or big) kids are able to sit comfortably at a table and do an activity like a puzzle, so floor puzzles allow them to work physically where they are at developmentally and you are more likely to get the puzzle finished with a cheery kid than a frustrated child who is uncomfortable at a table or bored of the puzzle very quickly. 

Things to do at home to keep the kids busy

A skill that some kids develop earlier than others is playing independently, and while it's certainly something that just happens more and more as they get older there are ways to gradually increase the time your kids will spend on an activity alone. Our best outcomes have been when there is a clear intention or activity and not just a general 'go and play'. So you might find you spend time setting up activities throughout the day or getting things ready but this is all part of the children developing their own skills. A great starting point is an activity with a clear purpose. For pre-schoolers things like stacking and sorting games, puzzles and threading & lacing all work really well. Give them clear instructions and leave them to it. No doubt that they will rush back and want to show you something, ask a question or wonder where you went, but over time and with redirection back to the activity to do the next thing, another thing or a different thing - will reinforce that they actually can play alone. This stacking game is a great one to start with as are any threading and lacing activities.Puzzles are another one that are perfect for any age. The older the child the better able they will be to complete it without guidance or help and if you really want that little break then make sure you pick one they can do without help no matter the age, rather than making it a challenge. We often encourage challenge puzzles as its better value for money long term but there's also a place for 'quick and easy' achievable puzzles which allow you and them that solo time. Check out our kids puzzles here and the collection includes everything from 2 piece wooden puzzles, floor puzzles like the world one shown here, peg puzzles and right up to puzzles for 9 year olds.

Single Player Games

I truly believe that all kids need to be able to engage with games in a solo way. It brings an element of concentration that is not hindered by in game chit chat or distractions. It allows them time to set their own pace. Whoever is playing the game is playing to their own goals. It's enjoyable when you achieve something as it just yourself who put in the effort. From a family dynamic perspective its great for all kids to have some solo time without siblings (or parents) to wind down. For parents a great thing to send the kids to opposite ends of the house with their own game and a time and have peace to have a cuppa, a wine or make a phone call in peace.

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